A Fellowship of Youth Ministries with the common goal of Promoting Bible Quizzing.

How to Join?

How to Join Bible Quiz Fellowship

Policy / Procedure for becoming a part of Bible Quiz Fellowship.

  1. Your ministry or church must be recommended by a present BQF Affiliate. This recommendation must be E-mailed to the webmaster by the recommending ministry.
  2. If you do not know a present BQF Affiliate ministry that can recommend you please submit the following to the webmaster for approval. (1) Your church or or organizations statement of faith or doctrinal statement. (2) A short history of your quizzing program. (3) How many teams you think you might take to the next BQF National Tournament.
  3. Your ministry or church must have an active Bible quiz ministry going.
  4. You may register your team(s) for the BQF National Bible Quiz Tournament just as any other ministry involved with BQF with the Tournament Host Ministry.
  5. After attending the National Tournament you are welcome to attend the BQF General/Tournament committee meeting held in the city of the next tournament either at the end of May or the first part of June. Each ministry represented has one vote. You may bring more to the meeting but you only have one vote.
  6. You must register your ministry name, contact person, ministry address, ministry phone number, FAX number, and E-Mail address with the webmaster at webmaster@biblequizfellowship.org
  7. Upon approval, you will be registered with BQF and will be placed on our “official” list of participating ministries.

    Policy for entry into BQF Revised: 9-3-2003