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Money, Music, Making Questions

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I have a standard line…”I hate money and I hate music; no matter what you do, you’re wrong.”

Like most full-time staff throughout the BQF, I serve as a missionary and thus rely on our Lord to provide our “salary” through people who choose to invest financially to support the Hager family.

If you ask for money, some gripe. If you don’t make your needs known, others will complain.

And then there is music. Because many people confuse preferences with convictions, no matter what kind of music you like or play, someone will jump on you.

I add another item to the money and music litany…that of making (writing) quiz questions. It is a hard and long process…and there is no way a question writer will make everyone happy.

Making the switch to the ESV (and certainly not everyone was pleased with that decision) results in all existing NIV questions to be rewritten; and the addition of the book of Revelation (another non-crowd pleaser) to the rotation means the quiz question committee has much additional work to do.

In the Lord, their labor will not be in vain; but I promise some will complain.

I think it would be great that everyone who complains volunteers to serve on the question committee.

And maybe it would be nice if some would thank the question committee for their hours and hours of hard work in coming up with the questions…even if you don’t like all of the questions.

As Aesop observed centuries ago, “Please all and you please none.”

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